Back to School!!

Well folks!, as you can tell from the title.. I’m going back to school! I have decided to go back to school to take a general office administration course this September! I won’t be pursuing this journey/adventure alone tho, I will be going with my best friend!! This girl is my rock and my #1 supporter ! She is the one who encouraged me to come along for the adventure and to better myself and my life! We have been throw alot and I’m glad to take this new path with her!

Here is a few cool photos of the supplies I’ve bought so far!!






S’mores Sundae

I’ve recently fall in love with this sundae from a local restaurant called Jack Astor’s! This sundae is absolutely to die for!!! It is called s’mores sundae; It has vanilla ice cream with swirls of chocolate syrup, pieces of graham crackers, marshmallows and pieces of brownie! It is so scrumptious and delicious, the chocolate and marshmallows are my favorite part. If you ever get theĀ  chance to try it, do it and enjoy every last drop!


Introducing chocolateandcreamz

Hello everyone,
My best friend and I decided to create a blog so we can share our favorite restaurants, favorite places to shop, places we travel and things we do together. We will both be sharing posts with pictures and blurbs about our adventures.

Hope everyone enjoys reading about our crazy adventures and shenanigans that we get up to!