Lazy = Sunday!!

Lazy Sunday!!

Sundays are always known to be the laziest day in the week! I however have done absolutely nothing today.

Although I did clean, and did laundry which is something most people do on Sunday.. I caught up on some of my shows that I missed this past week as well, over all today was by far a good day I enjoyed it ..

I have to enjoy these days I have in the coming week, as I am going back to school in a week!!!



Back to School!!

Well folks!, as you can tell from the title.. I’m going back to school! I have decided to go back to school to take a general office administration course this September! I won’t be pursuing this journey/adventure alone tho, I will be going with my best friend!! This girl is my rock and my #1 supporter ! She is the one who encouraged me to come along for the adventure and to better myself and my life! We have been throw alot and I’m glad to take this new path with her!

Here is a few cool photos of the supplies I’ve bought so far!!